The School of Political Studies in Bosnia and Herzegovina (SPS BiH), have organized 1st National seminar for the newly selected school generation, titled “COMPETENCIES FOR DEMOCRATIC CULTURE – STRENGTHENING CULTURE OF DIALOGUE AND TRUST IN BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA” The aim of the seminar was to provide the participants - young political leaders, with a quality education, democratic governance and improve the level of cooperation, focusing on the culture of political dialogue. Also, seminar served as a platform for discussion and exchange between the participants on subjects of general interest to society, especially when it comes to culture of political dialogue and a Public and Political initiatives for strengthening trust and Democratic governance of diversities in Bosnia and Herzegovina



The School of Political Studies in Bosnia and Herzegovina - the 2nd National Seminar, organized in Sarajevo for this year's school generation, on the topic "Bosnia and Herzegovina - European and Euro-Atlantic Integration". The seminar provides the platform for dialogue among young civic and political leaders, school members of Generation 2023, to gather their reflections on current issues on European and Euro-Atlantic Integration and amplify their voices concerning the future of BiH. The seminar focused all it sessions on empowering young political leaders to take more active roles in the political processes and overcome strong prejudice which still exists in the country, providing access to European standards The SPS team created an excellent atmosfere for discussion about the need for reforms in Bosnia and Herzegovina, necessary for further European and Euro-Atlantic integration. This was an opportunity to get acquainted with the mission and structure of the NATO alliance and the benefits that society will receive through partnership and membership in such an organization, especially in light of the current global crisis.

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